Genesys Cloud enables administrators to set the maximum voicemail recording length for all users in their organization. For more information, see Set the maximum voicemail length. Subsequently, Genesys Cloud updated the logic in the Architect Default Voicemail Flow to align with the setting.

The Collect Voicemail task originally contained logic to determine whether the length of a voicemail snippet met or exceeded three minutes. If so, the flow played a message that stated, “You have reached the maximum message length.” The checking logic resides in Decision action 50: “Reached 3minute maximum length?”.

When the feature to enable administrators to set the maximum voicemail recording length released, the expression text in Decision action 50 changed from Voicemail.VoicemailSnippet.length >= ToDuration(180000) to Voicemail.VoicemailSnippet.maxLengthReached.

Because the Organization Settings includes a setting to make the maximum length dynamic, if the length of the voicemail snippet reaches the configured organizational limit instead of using a hard-coded value of 3 minutes, then the maxLengthReached property is “true.”