Configure ACD messaging for Instagram Direct Messaging


  • Genesys Cloud User CX 2, Genesys Cloud User CX 3, Agents with the Genesys Cloud CX 1 Digital II Upgrade
  • Messaging > conversationInstagramIntegration > All permission
  • Published Facebook business page
  • A professional Instagram account. See how to configure this account here.
  • Your Instagram professional account linked to your Facebook business page. See how to configure this account here. Note: Ensure to perform the prerequisites in order. First, publish your Facebook business page and second configure your professional Instagram account. And finally, link your Instagram professional account to your FaceBook business page. If an Instagram account is connected to the Facebook page while the Instagram account is still a personal account and if the Instagram account is changed to a Professional account, ensure that you review your Facebook page settings to confirm the switch to the Professional account from a Personal. The integration cannot be successfully added to Genesys Cloud until it is reviewed. 

The Genesys Cloud for Instagram Direct Messaging integration provides a way for your customers to send messages to your Instagram Business Account. These customers can use Instagram Direct Messaging to interact with your agents who are using Genesys Cloud ACD messaging channels. All you have to do is log in to Facebook through Genesys Cloud and configure a few settings to connect the Genesys Cloud for Instagram Direct Messaging integration to your Facebook business page.

To set up your Genesys Cloud for Instagram Direct Messaging integration:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Message, click Platforms.
  3. Click Create New Integration.
  4. Click the Instagram Direct tile.
  5. Click Instagram Login.
  6. When you see the Facebook login dialog box, select your account or enter your credentials and log in.
    Note: If you have not already done so, you are prompted to link Instagram Business Accounts with your Facebook business page. When you log in to Facebook, Genesys Cloud creates its own session and automatically retrieves any Facebook pages that you own. When creating more Instagram Direct Messaging integrations, you must select all of your Facebook pages integrated with Genesys Cloud, not just the newest addition.
    After you log in to Facebook, two boxes appear in the Instagram Direct page.
  7. In the Name box, type a name that you want to assign to your Instagram Direct Messaging integration.
  8. In the Page Name box, select the Facebook business page to which you want to connect the Instagram Direct Messaging integration.
  9. Click Save.
  10. In the Supported Content list, select a supported content profile. If you do not select a supported content profile, the integration uses the default content profile.
  11. Click Save again.
  • When you complete the integration, the Save button changes to a Delete button. You can use this button to remove the integration.
  • You can connect only one page to a Genesys Cloud for Instagram Direct Messaging integration. If you want to connect more than one page, you must create an instance of the Genesys Cloud for Instagram Direct Messaging integration for each page.
  • When you begin using your Genesys Cloud for Instagram Direct Messaging integration, keep in mind that you must respond to Instagram Direct messages within seven days. After seven days, any messages you attempt to send in response result in an error and are not delivered.
  • Instagram only delivers story mentions from a private Instagram account if your account follows the private account.

Once you have a working Instagram Direct Messaging integration and have configured ACD messaging for Instagram Direct Messaging, then you can configure message flows in Architect

  • If you navigate away from this page, click Save, click Delete, or click Cancel, Genesys Cloud automatically logs you out of the current Facebook session. 
  • If you create an Instagram Direct Messaging integration and then later change your Facebook account password, you sever the connection between your integration and Instagram Direct Messaging. To re-establish the connection, you have to delete and recreate your Instagram Direct Messaging integration. 
  • If you delete your Instagram Direct Messaging integration, you are unable to respond to messages still on the left side in the queue. 


  • Instagram prohibits storage of ephemeral images, videos, or other media contained in an Instagram story mention. This prohibition applies to any Facebook CDN URLs, ephemeral contact made available by any such URLs, and the creation of screen recordings of such media.  
    • Do not use Genesys screen recording or other recording tools to capture Instagram story mention media content.
    • Genesys does not persist ephemeral Instagram story mention content in any conversation or message transcripts, and ephemeral content may be unavailable for quality management review or for any future purpose or feature. 
  • The Instagram mobile and desktop apps allow Instagram users to unsend direct messages. Genesys deletes any messages that users unsend, and those messages may not be available as part of the interaction history.