Genesys Cloud WebRTC supports the built-in call controls on Plantronics/Poly headsets that use the Plantronics Hub software. This feature enables you to use the controls on the headset to perform basic call operations.

  • Answer call
  • Hang up a call
  • Put a call on hold
  • Remove a call from hold
  • Mute a call
  • Unmute a call
Note: Available call controls depend upon the capabilities of your particular Plantronics headset model. For example, not all headsets have a hold button.

Call controls are supported in the Genesys Cloud web browser client, the desktop app, and in the embedded clients. To use the built-in call controls on a Plantronics headset, you must have a WebRTC phone assigned to you and your Plantronics headset must be using a USB connection. If you use a Bluetooth connection, you cannot use the built-in call controls on the Plantronics headset. For more information, see Assign a default phone.

Note: You must have the Plantronics Hub software installed on your computer. Genesys Cloud does not support Poly Lens. For more information, see Plantronics hub for Windows/MAC Product Information on the HP support site.

Set up the headset

After you install the Plantronics Hub software on your computer, you can set up the headset.

  1. From the sidebar, click the Calls icon. The Calls panel opens.
  2. From the Calls panel, click the Settings icon to open the Phone Settings panel. In the Audio Controls – Profile Name box, a Use Computer settings message appears.
  3. Connect your headset to a USB port on your computer using the appropriate connector (USB cable or USB transceiver).
  4. When Genesys Cloud prompts you to create a device profile, click Yes
  5. Verify that your headset appears as the default selection in the microphone and speaker boxes.
  6. In the Audio Controls  – Profile Name box, enter a name.
  7. Click Save. Below the Audio Controls – Profile Name box, a Headset Software – Running message appears.

You can now use the call controls built into your Plantronics/Poly headset. In the future, Genesys Cloud automatically loads your headset profile as long as your headset is connected to your computer’s USB port.

Reconnect headset

If after you create a device profile, you disconnect your headset, Genesys Cloud prompts you to use the existing profile the next time you connect the headset to your computer’s USB port.

Edit the device profile

To edit your device profile, next to the Profile Name box click the Edit Profile icon.

Note: Genesys provides limited technical support for headsets. Customer Care can investigate and review logs to verify that Genesys Cloud communicates with a headset. Mechanical issues with the headset and problems with vendor software firmware are the headset vendor's responsibility. Genesys does not test every possible headset model for supported headsets and cannot guarantee compatibility.