Co-browse for Messenger requirements

Website requirements

Co-browse does not mirror the following types of content to viewers:

  • Canvas elements
  • Video
  • Flash

Co-browse also does not mirror most ads because of potential security vulnerabilities.

Ensure your website’s Content Security Policy (CSP) has whitelisted the Genesys Cloud URLs specific to the region of your organization. Co-browse cannot connect if the necessary URLs are not whitelisted.

Note: CSS files must be publicly accessible for co-browse. For example, if your customer wants to use co-browse after a member login or within an intranet, CSS files must be publicly accessible or display issues might occur. 

Agent requirements

Agent requirements are the same as the overall Genesys Cloud requirements.

Sharer requirements

Customers need a web browser to share their view of a webpage with agents. Customers can use any of the listed browsers for any of the listed operating systems.

Genesys recommends that you use the most recently released version of the listed systems. Older versions and pre-release versions may not be supported. 

Operating systems

Any desktop or mobile operating system that can install a supported web browser, such as:

  • Mac OS
  • Windows
  • iOS
  • Android

    Web browsers

    See the list of Supported Browsers for Genesys Messenger. Co-browse for Messenger is supported for the same set of web and mobile web browsers.