Watch campaigns run. Monitor outbound activity in real time.

  • The following permissions (included in the Outbound Admin role):

    • Analytics > conversationAggregate > View
    • Outbound > Campaign > Search
    • Outbound > Contact List > View
    • Outbound > DNC List > View
    • Routing > Wrap-up Code > Search

Note: If a user does not have permission to view everything on this dashboard, permission error messages appear at ten-second polling intervals.

Monitor connect rates, abandoned calls, and the progress of each running voice campaign. View the mode used to place calls. Observe the number of idle agents, how the abandon rates compare with target rates, the number of calls blocked by Do Not Contact lists, and other important metrics.

Image of campaigns dashboard

The campaigns dashboard is a real-time view of all voice campaigns currently in an active state. The campaign dashboard statistics reflect a current campaign run. If the campaign recycles, the statistics reset, except for the Abandon Rate statistics. Abandon Rate statistics are preserved for the life of the campaign.

Note: Messaging campaigns are not expected to appear on this dashboard.

All columns in this view are sortable. Click a column heading to sort it in ascending order. Click the same heading again to sort items in descending order.

To open this page:

  1. Click Performance.

  2. Click Outbound Campaigns.

Columns in the view

You can filter this view by Campaign Name, Dialing Mode, and Division.

Column Description
Campaign Name

The names of active campaigns:

  • When the dashboard loads, it displays campaigns that are on or stopping.

  • When an administrator turns on a campaign, the system adds it to the dashboard.

  • Conversely, when an administrator turns off a campaign, it may go into a stopping status before it reaches an off status. It remains on the dashboard until it reaches off.

  • When a campaign completes, the dashboard displays a Newly Completed alert. When the user acknowledges the alert, the system removes the campaign from the dashboard. If the user refreshes the dashboard, the system automatically removes completed campaigns.

Tip: To display details about a specific campaign, click its name to open the Outbound campaign details view.

Dialing Mode The method used to place outbound calls. See dialing modes.
Connect Rate The total number of calls detected as live voice divided by the total number of calls dialed, expressed as a percentage. This is based on the previous 10-minute time interval.
Compliance Abandon Rate

The percentage of calls that did not reach the agent within the configured compliance abandon threshold compared to the configurable calls subject to the compliance abandon rate. See Outbound settings. For more information, see Outbound abandoned calls.

True Abandon Rate The percentage of calls transferred to the queue that never reached an agent, most likely because the customer ended the call. For more information, see Outbound abandoned calls.
Progress The percentage of contact records with callable numbers dialed for the campaign. Contact records with callable numbers exclude contacts without a number, on a DNC list, wrap-up mapping applied, or attempt limits or rules set. 
Idle Agents The number of available agents who are not currently on campaign calls.
Effective Idle Agents The portion of idle agents that are dedicated to this campaign.
Adjusted Calls/Agent The ratio of the target abandon rate setting and the current abandon rate for the campaign.
Outstanding Calls The present number of in-progress outbound calls. This metric is most useful when campaigns stop or start since it indicates the number of calls that are active without resolution. Once a campaign places a call, the system includes it in the outstanding call count. The call remains part of that count until the agent or system has completed the wrap-up. Recalls and scheduled callbacks do not count as outstanding calls until they come due and the campaign places the calls.
Scheduled Calls The outstanding scheduled callbacks for the campaign. For more information, see Callbacks in campaigns.

This column lists which division a campaign belongs to. If a campaign is not assigned to a custom division, it belongs to the Home division by default. For more information, see About Access Control and Divisions overview.