PureCloud Edge bandwidth calculator

The PureCloud Edge bandwidth calculator is designed to estimate the network bandwidth necessary to support PureCloud services. Information generated by this calculator provides general guidance and could vary from your actual usage patterns. 

To use the PureCloud Edge bandwidth calculator:

  1. Open the PureCloud Edge bandwidth calculator.
  2. In the Organization box, enter your company name.
  3. Click Add core site.
  4. From the Gateway list, select the gateway type you to use:
    • PureCloud Voice
    • BYOC Cloud
    • BYOC Premises
  5. Click Add branch site to add a branch to a core site.
  6. Under Concurrent calls, External calls, and Recorded calls, enter the appropriate numbers. 
    Note: When you enter data in the calculator form, the system calculates the data and populates bandwidth requirements tables for phones, external calls, and transferring interaction recordings.
  7. To save a copy of the results, click Print.

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