Automatically log in to a client’s account


The following permissions:

  • Affiliate Organization > Clients > View
  • External Organization > External Contacts > View
  • Authorization > Org Trustee > View
Note: If you do not have the Auto Login button, then you do not have any roles within the client’s organization.
  1. From the Genesys Cloud menu, click Clients.
  2. Search for and navigate to the appropriate client.
    Note: You can search by name or org ID. If you find a single match, the Auto Login button appears in the client’s row. Click it to log in to the organization.
  3. In the Name column, click the client’s name. The client’s dashboard opens.
  4. Under Organization, click Login.
    Note: Genesys Cloud automatically logs you in to the client’s organization and displays the Admin menu. The navigation bar displays a colored banner with the name of the client’s organization.
  5. To return to your home organization, click Home Org.