Set an automatic inactivity timeout

  • Directory > Organization > Admin permission

Administrators can set Genesys Cloud to log out users automatically after a specified period of inactivity. When Genesys Cloud logs out a user due to inactivity, it changes their presence to Offline and returns the user to the login prompt. After the user logs back in, they return to the same page they were on before Genesys Cloud automatically logged them out. 

If a user is an agent and is On Queue, their routing status changes to Off Queue when they are logged out. To accept new interactions, agents must log in and go back On Queue. Also, when this setting is enabled, Genesys Cloud does not provide refresh token for code authorization. 

The timeout applies to all members of an organization; works for both desktop and web app users, embedded client, or a custom-developed client; and works for organizations that use single sign-on (SSO). For more information about the best practices for embeddable framework, see Understanding Inactivity Timeout Functionality in Embeddable Framework in the Genesys Cloud Developer Center.

Note: Genesys does not recommend this feature for organizations that use the Genesys Cloud mobile apps.

To enable the automatic timeout and set the amount of idle time before Genesys Cloud logs out a user, complete the following steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Account Settings, click Organization Settings.
  3. Click the Settings tab.
  4. Under Security & Compliance, enable Enable Inactivity Timeout.
  5. Under Timeout Minutes, enter in the amount of time, in minutes, that users can be idle before Genesys Cloud logs them off. The feature allows any amount of time between five minutes and eight hours (480 minutes).

  • Genesys Cloud determines activity by calls to the API. Even if the user is not typing or actively working with Genesys Cloud, the Genesys Cloud user interface can make a request on behalf of the user, for example, fetching data to keep the application up to date or saving application logs. Any request resets the idle timeout.
  • Organizations with HIPAA enabled automatically have a 15-minute inactivity timeout, even if the inactivity timeout is off. If the inactivity timeout is on, the maximum amount of time allowed for the timeout is 15 minutes.
  • This feature provides an additional layer of functionality to help customers control costs and security implications for users who forget to log out when they leave stations. Genesys recommends that customers also use the supervisor feature to log out agents and extend training to the agents to enforce best practices to log out. It is the user’s responsibility to log themselves out.