After you approve a pairing request, you must authorize users and groups to work in your organization. To authorize users and groups, assign them the roles their work requires.

Note: When granting system access to another user or group (“permitted user”), be aware that you are responsible for how the permitted user uses your system. Genesys is not responsible for any misuse of data, change to configuration, etc.

When an administrator sends you a pairing link, the administrator can request authorization for multiple users and groups. Later, the administrator can request authorization for other users and groups as well. The maximum number of users that can access another organization is 25.

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under People and Permissions, click Authorized Organizations.
  3. Click Access To My Organization
  4. Click the name of the paired organization.
  5. Click the user’s or group’s name.
  6. Under Roles, search for and select the roles for the user or group.

  • The default Master Admin role has all the permissions that are necessary for a user or group to administer your organization. When you seek assistance, Customer Care may require other permissions and roles.
  • The permissions that a role contains are what enables a user to perform an action. Because you can modify existing roles, it is important to be sure that a role has the permission(s) required to perform a specified action.
  • Until an administrator assigns one or more roles to a user or group, the user or group cannot work in the organization.
  • When an administrator selects a role for a user or group, that user or group receives access immediately.