Ask for Slot action

The Ask for Slot action identifies slots that a caller or chat recipient mentions in an utterance. For example, consider an utterance of “My account number is 12345678.” The bot identifies that the user’s account number has a value of 12345678.

Access this action from the bot flow’s Ask menu in the Architect toolbox.

Name Description
Name field Type a distinctive name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the flow structure.
Slot Select a preconfigured slot. Thes slots are configured in the Natural Language Understanding pane. For more information, see Understand Slots and Slot Types.
Question Here, ask callers or chat recipients what they would like to do. In call flows, the question you enter hear plays verbally to the caller. In chat flows, this question appears in text.
Validation If specified, use this boolean expression to configure additional validation logic that, when evaluated at runtime, determines if the received value meets the additional requirements. If this field evaluates to false or a NOT_SET boolean, the value is invalid.
No Input

Wording that the bot uses when it detects no input. Before playing this response, No Input handling first plays the flow’s No Inputs Apology response. Configure the No Inputs Apology response under Settings > User Input > No Inputs Detected > No Input Apology

No Match

Wording that the bot uses when it receives input, but the input is not a valid match. Before playing this response, No Match handling first plays the flow’s No Match Apology response. Configure the No Match Apology response under Settings > User Input > No Matches Detected > No Match Apology

Confirmation mode

This controls if the bot will confirm the slot value supplied by the participant is correct.

If this setting evaluates to “always” at runtime and the participant supplied value is valid, as per settings in the ‘Validation’ section, the bot will use the ‘Confirmation Question’ communication to confirm it with the participant.

  • Default: “never”
  • Allowable Values • always • never