Announcement types

Genesys Cloud announcements include the latest UI/UX, platform, and deprecation updates, and aim to provide a predictable cadence of product updates.

As part of the drive to deliver robust product and security assurance, Genesys Cloud periodically releases functional and platform updates for supported products and services separate from the weekly release notes cycle. Additionally, Genesys provides advanced and detailed information about the scheduled retirement of features and products.

  • UI/UX announcements: User interface and user experience updates pertain to application-specific updates that affect the application components of Genesys Cloud. These announcements include updates that directly impact the visual look and feel of the application and also impact the user experience. These changes are typically backward compatible.
  • Deprecations: These notifications provide advance notice and final publication when Genesys decides it will no longer make enhancements or improvements for a feature, and plans to remove the feature from the platform. For more information, see Genesys Cloud deprecation process.
  • Platform announcements: Platform announcements provide information about changes to the core software infrastructure or ecosystem. Updates may be informational or actionable. 
  • Subscriber articles: When Genesys updates these articles, subscribers can receive email notifications informing them of the changes.

For detailed and up-to-date information about Genesys Cloud, see Announcements.