Analytics workspace overview

  • Analytics > Tab Configurations > View permission
  • AnalyticsTab Configurations Edit permission
  • Analytics > Tab Configurations > Delete permission
  • Analytics > View Configurations > View permission
  • Analytics > View Configurations > Edit permission

To access the Analytics Performance Views, navigate to Performance > Workspace. The analytics workspace allows you to customize your experience and find exactly what you need, and when you need it. For more information, see Work with an analytics workspace.

For information about permissions, see Automatically backfill roles with new permissions and Edit a role.

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Navigate to Performance > Workspace

On the left side of the Workspace, different viewing options appear.

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Left side of Workspace view

Current saved views appear on the right. Within the Saved list, you can see columns for the base view, the default time period, name of the primary entity, and the entity count.

To open a saved view, click it from the Saved list. The selected view replaces the Workspace tab. 

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Open a saved view

You can modify this view and then save it as a new view. When you open a saved view, you can edit and make changes to it, but the original saved view remains the same.

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Save as new view

When you save a view, you can select a time period for that view. The system uses this time period when you access the saved view again.

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Choose a time period

To navigate to the view in a new tab, select a default view. From the new tab, you can drill down, filter, or customize the view.

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Select Default View

When you save the view, it appears in the Saved View list on your Workspace.

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Save the view

You can open and switch between a maximum of 20 tabs at a time. To open another tab, close an existing one.

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You can have 20 open tabs