A menu is a collection of structured actions that are created in Architect and selectable by the caller, either by pressing a digit on the phone’s keypad or by speaking a valid speech recognition entry. The system takes action on the entry and progresses the call to the next defined function.

Architect provides a Reusable Menus area where you can add and configure menus, and then reference them from other areas of the call flow. This feature might be helpful if, for example, you want to use the same transfer action in multiple areas of your flow. You can create a menu that give customers the option to transfer immediately to a customer service queue, and then you can reuse that menu in other menus or tasks in the same flow. 

In this example, create a Transfer to Customer Service reusable menu and then reference it in two separate locations within the flow:

  • In one location, you play promotional audio to the customer. After the customer listens to the promotion, use the Transfer to Customer Service reusable menu to let the customer speak to a representative for more information.
  • In another location of the same flow, the customer is asked to enter an account number. If the number is entered successfully, the customer transfers to the appropriate account manager. If the number is entered incorrectly or is not recognized, use the Transfer to Customer Service reusable menu to send the customer to a representative.

  1. From the Toolbox, expand the Menu category and drag a Menu action into the Reusable Menus area.
  2. In the Name text box, type a distinctive name for the menu.
  3. In the Menu Prompt area, add or create an audio prompt that tells callers which keys they can press. The menu prompt plays each time they re-enter the menu.
  4. Optionally update the Default Menu Choice, Menu Options, and Speech Recognition Options as needed.
  5. In the Reusable Menus area, select the newly-added menu action (if it is not already selected).
  6. From the Toolbox, add operations to it to create menu choices according to your call flow design.  Name these entries, assign digits to them, and set flow of control options (action when finished).