Sideload Genesys Cloud CX application for Microsoft Teams

Genesys Cloud is available in multiple hosting regions throughout the world. The Microsoft Teams platform currently does not support the Genesys Cloud CX for Microsoft Teams app directing the API traffic dynamically to your hosting region via a setting from a single Microsoft Teams app. As a result, each Genesys Cloud hosting region has its own Microsoft Teams app. This limitation makes the Genesys Cloud Microsoft Teams app listed in the following Genesys Cloud Region table ineligible for the Microsoft AppSource Teams marketplace due to the Microsoft AppSource Teams Duplicate Offering Prevention requirement.

Add the Genesys Cloud CX app

To set up the integration in Microsoft Teams, add the Genesys Cloud CX app to your Microsoft Teams tenant.

  1. Download the Genesys Cloud CX app associated with your region.

    The following table lists the Genesys Cloud region and the Microsoft Teams app to download.

    Genesys Cloud CX region Genesys Cloud CX app for Microsoft Teams
    Americas (Canada) CA-Central-1
    Americas (Sao Paulo) US-East-1
    Americas (US East) US-East-1
    Americas (US West) US-West-2
    Asia Pacific (Mumbai) APS-1
    Asia Pacific (Seoul) APNE-2
    Asia Pacific (Sydney) APSE-2
    Asia Pacific (Tokyo) APNE-1
    EMEA (Dublin) EU-West-1
    EMEA (Frankfurt) EU-Central-1
    EMEA (London) EU-West-2
  2. Log in to the Microsoft Teams account.
  3. Upload the downloaded Microsoft Teams app to your Teams. To upload the app, see Upload your custom app in the Microsoft documentation.
  4. In your Microsoft Teams account, click Apps.
  5. Search for and select the Genesys Cloud CX app.
  6. Click Add.
  7. Click Authenticate and enter the Genesys Cloud credentials.
  8. To open the Genesys Cloud client, click the Pop out icon in the upper right corner of the app.

For more information about the integration, see About Genesys Cloud for Microsoft Teams.