• Workforce Management > Work Plan Rotation > Add permission

As a planner, you can create work plans with shift that rotate in a predictable pattern, typically on a weekly basis. This action grants employees the opportunity to work all shifts, both desired and undesired, which balances the distribution of popular and less popular working times and days. For more information, see Work plan rotations overview.

When you set up a work plan rotation, complete these steps:

  • Create a new work plan rotation
  • Add works plans to the rotation
  • (Optional) Add agents to the work plan rotation
  • (Optional) Preview the work plan rotation

To create a new work plan rotation:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Workforce Management, click Work Plan Rotations.
  3. Click Add
  4. In the Work Plan Rotation Name box, enter a unique name for the work plan rotation.
  5. Under Start Date, click Calendar.
  6. Select the date on which to start the rotating work plan. This date is the starting date from which the work plan rotation is effective while scheduling.
  7. To end the work plan rotation on a specific day:
    1. Enable the Set End Date check box.
    2. Under End Date, click Calendar and select the date to end the work plan rotation.
  8. Next, add work plans to the rotation.