The Clear Utilization Label action removes an interaction’s utilization label. This action is available in the Flow category of the task editor’s Toolbox. Use this action to remove the utilization label of an interaction in bot, digital bot, inbound, in-queue, outbound, and voicemail flows.

Action Description and use


Type a meaningful name for the action. The label you enter here becomes the action’s name displayed in the task sequence.

Failure Outputs

These outputs allow the flow author to map the results of any resulting errorType and errorMessage variables when the Clear Utilization Label action takes the failure path.

  • errorType: A nonempty string that contains the type or category of the error.
  • errorMessage: A non-localized failure message. The string can be empty or NOT_SET.

Note: Hover over the information icon next to errorType to display the list of allowable errorType values.

Genesys Cloud checks failure path scenarios. If Genesys Cloud does not encounter any of them, Genesys Cloud removes the utilization label of the interaction. You can use the following errorType values:

  • ActionInvocationLimitExceeded: If a flow has successfully run the Clear Utilization Label action five times, any subsequent invocations of the action take the failure path.
  • GeneralError: If there is a general error when removing the utilization label, the Clear Utilization Label action takes the failure path.
  • InvalidConversation: If the flow runs without a conversation, the Clear Utilization action takes the failure path as there is no interaction to remove the label of. For example, bot flows can run without a conversation.