Series: Install and configure the Google Cloud TTS integration

  • A Google Cloud platform account
  • A Google Cloud project with the Google Cloud text-to-speech API enabled
  • Edge and Media Tier version or later

For more information, see Cloud Text-to-Speech API Quickstart: Using the command line.

To access the Google Cloud text-to-speech (TTS) engine in Genesys Cloud, you must first add and configure the Google Cloud text-to-speech integration and then add your credentials. 

Note: Google prices its Google Cloud Text-to-Speech API monthly based on the number of characters to synthesize into audio sent to the service. For more information, see Google Cloud text-to-speech API pricing.

To configure the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech integration, perform the following steps:

  1. Create a Google Cloud service account and download the JSON version of the service account key.
    Note: The JSON file contains the credentials required for the integration with Genesys Cloud. The Google Cloud TTS integration does not require that you add roles or admins to the service account.
  2. Open the Google Cloud TTS integration:
    • If you have not previously installed the integration into your Genesys Cloud organization, install it now
    • If you have installed the integration, open the Genesys Cloud Admin menu and under Integrations, click Integrations. Then, search for and open the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech integration.
  3. On the Genesys Cloud integration page, click the Credentials tab.
  4. Click Configure. The Configure Credentials dialog box opens.
  5. Open the Google Cloud text-to-speech JSON service account key file that you downloaded previously.
  6. Copy the information from the JSON service account key file into the appropriate Genesys Cloud fields.
    1. Copy the “client_id” value from the JSON file into the Genesys Cloud Client ID field.
    2. Copy the “client_email” value from the JSON file into the Genesys Cloud Client Email field.
    3. Copy the “private_key_id” from the JSON file into the Genesys Cloud Private Key ID field.
    4. Copy the “private_key” value from the JSON file into the Genesys Cloud Private Key field.
      • Ensure that you copy all of the information that appears between the quotation marks.
      • Ensure that you copy and paste the exact value shown, and that no values convert to invalid commands. For example, a third-party copy program can convert the \n value to a new line.
  7. Click OK.
  8. Click Save.
  9. To activate the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech status, in the Status column click Inactive. The Change Status dialog box opens.
  10. Click Yes. The Google Cloud Text-to-Speech integration status changes to Active.

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