Series: Install and configure the Google Cloud TTS integration

  • A Google Cloud Platform (GCP) account
  • A Google Cloud project with the Google Cloud text-to-speech API enabled
  • Edge and Media Tier version or later

For more information, see Cloud Text-to-Speech API Quickstart: Using the command line.

This installation integrates the Google Cloud text-to-speech engine into Genesys Cloud using a GCP service account. Install the Google Cloud text-to-speech engine integration from your organization’s Admin > Integrations page. Then configure and activate the integration.

To install the Google Cloud Text-to-Speech integration, perform the following steps:

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Integrations, click Integrations.
  3. Click Integrations.
  4. In the Search box, type Google Cloud Text-to-Speech. The Google Cloud Text-to-Speech card appears.
  5. On the Google Cloud card, click Install. The integration opens to the Details page.
  6. (Optional) Change the name of the integration and add any relevant notes.

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