The Journey action maps report displays the performance of your action maps. For example, the number of times an action map qualified to be offered to a visitor. Learn how visitors interacted with a specific action map and which outcome achievements were attributed to each action map.

Use the journey action map performance reports to view the following:

  • All the action maps configured in your organization and their overall effectiveness.
  • The number of actions that are offered, accepted, blocked, and rejected in each of the action map.
  • The number of individual outcomes that are impacted by each action map.
  • The number of individual outcomes that are impacted after action map engaged.

To view the report, go to Performance > Predictive Engagement, and then Journey Action Map. The following report appears.

Action map performance report

To know about the information available in the different columns of the journey action map reports, see action map report.

For more information about the granular performance of individual action maps, click the action map name. The report specific to the action map opens. For more information about the configuration and the other options within action map reports, see individual action map performance report.

To view the individual outcomes that are impacted by each action map, click the maximize arrow mark at the bottom of the outcome number mentioned. The outcomes that are impacted appear.

To view the performance of a specific outcome, click the outcome name. The outcome report appears.

To know more about customization of the report to suit your needs, see customization of journey action map report.