Use the journey segment report from the Performance tab to view the performance of a segment.

The Journey segments report displays the performance of specific segments of visitors and how well you are engaging them. For example, the number of outcomes that were achieved by session segments and customer segments.

To view the report, go to Performance>Predictive Engagement, and then Journey Segments. The following report appears.

To know about the information available in the different columns of the journey segment report, see segment report.

Segment report

Use the journey segment performance report to view a count of segment matches, the action maps that the segment is used in, and the outcomes the segment is achieving. To view the action maps the segment is used in or the outcomes the segment is achieving, click the maximize arrow at the bottom of the respective cell. The action map performance report and outcome performance report appear.

To know more about customization of the report to suit your needs, see customization of journey segment report.

Journey segment performance report