About action maps

Learn how to create action maps that use different types of actions to enhance and extend a visitor’s journey.

Overview and best practices

Improve your action maps by reviewing the overall process for creating them and our suggested best practices.

Create an action map

Learn how to create and manage your action maps. Action maps work on desktop applications and mobile devices.

Trigger an action map

Configure an action map to trigger based on segment match, outcome probability, and/or visitor activity. Use the audience size estimator to understand the potential reach based on the segments and the outcome probability you set.

Attributes and operators

When you create an action map, you specify the conditions that make it possible. To specify the conditions, define an expression that includes an attribute and an operator.

Select an action

Select and configure the action for the action map to use to engage your visitors.

Define outcome probabilities

Predictive Engagement uses AI to predict the actions that your visitors will take. Help refine its modeling by identifying outcome probabilities.

Apply to webpages

An action map can trigger on any page where you use Genesys Predictive Engagement to track visitor activity. When you build an action map that uses a web action, identify the webpages where you want the offer to appear. You can also specify pages where you don’t want the offer to appear.

Route the action map

Configure how Genesys Predictive Engagement routes visitors who respond to a web action and who are ready to work with an agent or sales representative directly.

Schedule group

For an action map that offers a web chat, you can select a schedule group to designate when agents are available. Genesys Predictive Engagement offers chats only when agents are available to connect with visitors who accept the chat offers.

Override global frequency capping

If frequency capping for web engagements is configured at the global level, you can override it for an individual action map.

Prioritize the action maps

Multiple action maps can trigger on a webpage. To ensure that Genesys Predictive Engagement picks the most appropriate one, configure the priority for each action map

Maintain action maps

Genesys Predictive Engagement provides several features for maintaining action maps.

Monitor action maps

Use analytics to assess the effectiveness of your action maps.