Access Genesys Tempo


  • To access the application:
    • Mobile > Tempo > View permission
  • To access the running late feature:
    • Agents: Workforce Management > Agent Adherence Explanation > Submit permission
    • Supervisor: Workforce Management > Adherence ExplanationAdd, View, Edit, and Notify permissions
  • To access shift trading:
    • For agents to participate in shift trades:
      • Workforce Management > Agent Shift Trade Request > Participate permission
    • For administrators to manage shift trades:
      • Workforce Management > Shift Trade Request > View permission
      • Workforce Management > Shift Trade Request > Edit permission

Genesys Tempo, the mobile application for workforce management, allows you to manage your work schedule from your personal device. You can download Genesys Tempo from either the Google Play store or the Apple store. In Genesys Tempo, you can receive push notifications, submit time-off requests, and trade shifts, and you can let your supervisor know that you are running late.

Here, you can view the scheduled activities for daily, weekly, and monthly activities.

  • To view your daily schedule, open the app to the default view.
  • To view your weekly schedule, tap the Week button.
    Note: The colored dots on both the daily and weekly schedule view correspond to their respective activity. 
    • Blue – on queue
    • Orange – break
    • Yellow – meal
    • Red – meeting
  • To view your monthly schedule and the scheduled workdays for the month, tap the written date. For more information about configuring schedules, see My Schedule view.
  • Time-off requests enable you to send absence requests to your supervisor. To create a time-off request, perform the following steps:

    1. Tap the Time Off button at the bottom of the navigation bar. This view also displays your previous time-off requests.
    2. Tap Add .
    3. Choose the requested time of absence and check whether it is paid or unpaid leave.
    4. To set the duration of the request, enable the Full Day toggle. If the toggle is off, you can choose the start time of the request and the time-off length in hours and minutes. The symbols on the calendar indicate the days that are filling quickly and have a long or short waitlist. For more information about time-off requests, see Agent time-off requests.
    5. To see your place on the waitlist, tap the day that you want to request off. To request off contiguous dates, tap multiple dates. To include a note with your request, type it in the gray box. If your request submits successfully, a notification appears at the bottom of the screen.

    To view the status of time-off requests, navigate to the Summary view by tapping the Time-Off button. In the Summary view, you can view all pending and upcoming requests. To view past and denied requests, enable All Requests.

    This feature is only available on the web client.

    You can submit late requests to your supervisor. To notify that you are running late, tap the Running late icon.
    To notify your supervisor that you will be late to your next scheduled activity, perform the following steps:
    1. Tap the Running late icon in the upper on the right side corner.
    2. Select the amount of time that you anticipate you need before you arrive. You can only make late requests for your next scheduled activity. After you make a late request, you cannot submit another one for the same activity.

    If your request is successful, a pop-up screen appears. The Running late icon located next to the respective activity on your schedule indicates late requests. The icon is enabled when a work time activity exists within the next four hours and the activity does not currently have a running late request. The limit for late requests is five per day, after which the button does not appear.

    You can trade shifts with agents by posting to a trade board or by offering a shift to an agent. To initiate a trade shift, perform the following steps:
    1. In the daily schedule view, to look for upcoming shifts, tap the Trade button.
    2. From the weekly schedule view, tap the day you want to trade.
    3. Select the trade that you want to exchange. After you complete a shift trade request, a green indicator appears to indicate a new shift. Similarly, pending trades appear with a yellow indicator. You can return to the trade board to make further updates while the trade shift is pending.
    4. To view a summary of all trades, tap the clock icon. You can view details of trades that are offered to you, along with submitted trades and a history of previous trades.
    You can drop shifts and you can add extra shifts dropped by other agents. To drop a shift, tap the Drop button on the weekly or daily schedule views.

    You can view all the shifts that are available to select. These shifts include ones that other agents drop. You can choose these shifts to add to your schedule. To browse the available shifts, perform the following steps:

    1. In the upper right corner, click the arrows to locate the desired date and view the available shifts.
    2. Navigate to the browse shift board.
    3. Browse the shifts available to pick up. In this view, you also can view all the shifts other agents drop.
    4. Choose the shift that you want to add to your schedule. Genesys Tempo lists the added shifts in your schedule. The accepted shifts appear in green and pending requests shifts appear in yellow.