You can create in-queue call, message, or email flows in Architect or from the Genesys Cloud Admin > Contact Center > Queues page. Architect supplies a default flow for in-queue call flows, but not for message or email flows. You can create and use other in-queue flows to suit your company specifications and preferences. Before you can implement an in-queue flow, you must publish it in Architect. 

When you select an in-queue flow from the Genesys Cloud Queues page, the selection overrides the default in-queue flow. However, within Architect you can configure an in-queue flow as a parameter of the Transfer to ACD action, which supersedes the organization’s default- and queue-configured flow. In this case, the Transfer to ACD action’s in-queue flow takes precedence.

The in-queue flow you select here overrides the default in-queue flow. If you do not select an in-queue flow, then the system uses the organization’s default in-queue flow. 

Note: If you configure an in-queue flow in Architect as a parameter of the Transfer to ACD action, it takes precedence over any in-queue flow that you select here.

  1. Click Admin. 
  2. Under Contact Center, click Queues.
  3. Select a queue or create a new queue.
  4. To select an in-queue flow for calls, click the Voice tab.
  5. To select an in-queue flow for messages, click the Messages tab.
  6. To select an in-queue flow for email, click the Email tab.
  7. In the In-Queue Flow text box, begin typing the name of the flow you that want to specify and select it from the list.
  8. Click Save.

You can select a customized in-queue flow within a call, message, or email flow. The flow that you select here takes precedence over the organization’s default flows for voice interactions, and over and queue-configured flow for call, email, or message flows, if previously configured.

  1. From Genesys Cloud Architect, open the call, message, or email flow you for which you want to add a Transfer to ACD action. 
  2. From the Toolbox, expand the Transfer category and drag a Transfer to ACD action to the appropriate location in the flow menu or task sequence.
  3. Click Override default in-queue handling. The selection changes to In-Queue Call Flow, In-Queue Message Flow, or In-queue Email flow.
  4. In the In-Queue Flow box, begin typing the name of the non-default in-queue flow and select it from the list.
  5. Configure the action’s settings according to your design. For more information, see Set up a Transfer to ACD action.