September 2021

September 29, 2021

Contact center

  • Add quick replies to Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows
  • Spanish sentiment analysis support for digital interactions


  • Developer Center content change log
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September 22, 2021

Contact center

  • Global barge-in configuration in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows
  • Alerting column in Performance Dashboards and Queue Activity views


  • Automatically backfill roles with new permissions
  • Genesys Customer Care pairing
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September 15, 2021

Contact center

  • Introducing quick replies for message interactions
  • Arabic right to left support for web messaging
  • Topics added to transcript search API
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September 8, 2021

Contact center

  • Channel switching in agent interaction UI
  • Agent escalation configuration in Genesys Cloud Dialog Engine Bot Flows
  • Get External Contact and Get External Organization actions in Genesys Cloud Dialog Engine Bot Flows
  • Filter interaction transcripts by customer sentiment score and trend in Content Search view
  • Audit log viewer for workforce management historical imports
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September 1, 2021


  • Content management file sharing URL change


  • SRV record support for TLS for BYOC Cloud trunks

Contact center

  • Assign Google Dialogflow bot events for canceled interactions
  • France French, Canadian French, Italian, German, and Brazilian Portuguese programs, topics, and phrases support
  • Email reply enhancement


  • Cape Town Africa satellite region deployment
  • Assign schedules, schedule groups, and call routing objects within divisions
  • Standardized client SDK logging and configuration


  • API endpoint change for supported topic spotting dialects
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