Geo-Lookup TURN for WebRTC implementations

Telephony administrators can now use the new Geo-Lookup TURN feature to optimize the network path for WebRTC calls and lower latency access to media services. For more information, see Use the Geo-Lookup TURN feature

Contact center

Download individual non-voice interaction recordings

Quality administrators, evaluators, and supervisors can now view and download individual email, chat, and message interactions recorded in Genesys Cloud. Customers in regions where non-voice interactions are mandatory can share the downloaded recordings with clients and regulatory authorities. For more information, see Download non-voice interaction recordings

View agent workforce management schedules on iOS devices

Agents can now view their workforce management schedules, and submit and view time off requests on iOS devices, in addition to Android devices. Future releases will include shift trading and push notifications. For more information, see Mobile apps for workforce management schedules, FAQs: Genesys Tempo™ for iOS, and About workforce management for agents

Sync workforce management schedules to external calendars with QR codes

Agents can now use QR codes to subscribe to workforce management schedules on their mobile devices. This feature improves an agent’s ability to quickly set up and synchronize their schedule information on external calendars. For more information, see Add your workforce management schedule to an external calendar.

Pass data between Genesys Cloud and Google Dialogflow

Enhancements to the Architect Call Dialogflow Bot action enable administrators and contact center managers to pass personalization data to Google Dialogflow from Architect and then return data to the Architect flow. These improvements eliminate the task of duplicating and making available data that is already available in Architect. For more information, see Call Dialogflow Bot action.

Long code support for outbound SMS campaigns

Outbound administrators can now use long codes to send SMS messages for outbound campaigns outside North America. For more information, see Create a messaging campaign and Regulations for long codes in outbound messaging campaigns.

Save and dial non-E.164 numbers for external contacts

Genesys Cloud External Contacts now support telephone numbers that do not conform to the international telephone numbering plan. This feature enables agents and other users to use non-E.164 numbers to easily call contacts. For more information, see FAQ: Can I add a non-E.164 number to a phone field for an External Contact?Add a contact, and Create a contact in the interactions panel.


Desktop applications have a new name

The PureCloud Mac and Windows desktop applications are now rebranded as Genesys Cloud. Customers should notify their users to review the appropriate platform release notes for instructions when prompted to install Mac desktop app version 2.1.468 or Windows desktop app version 2.1.582. For more information, see Mac desktop app release notes and Windows desktop app release notes.


Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK deprecation

Starting September 30, Genesys will no longer make enhancements, improvements, or provide support for the Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK beyond version 96.0.0. For more information, see Deprecation: Genesys Cloud Ruby SDK