Contact center

Workforce management planning group improvements

Contact center managers and supervisors can now see more data and details about planning groups. The planning group list and configuration views now include the number of agents who handle a planning group. The schedule and intraday monitoring views now include filters that support longer names and the ability to select multiple planning groups. For more information, see Planning groups overview, Work with the intraday monitoring view, and Export intraday monitoring data.

View agent development activities using APIs

Developers can now use the User Development APIs to enable quality managers to view detail and aggregated data on agent development activities, and to enable agents to view detail and aggregated data on their own development activities. For more information, see User Development in the Developer Center.


Interaction widgets for client application integrations

Administrators can now use interaction widgets, an extension of client application integrations, to provide additional customized content inline with Genesys Cloud interactions. For more information, see Set up an Interaction Widget integration


Screen recording policy changes for Genesys Cloud 2 users

On October 28, 2020, Genesys Cloud 2 subscriptions will include agent desktop screen recording. Genesys Cloud 2 organizations that want to use screen recording must manually update agent roles for screen recording permissions and update their policy to enable screen recording. For more information, see Screen recording policy changes for Genesys Cloud 2 users.