Developer forum announcements

Customers and partners can now access the Genesys Cloud Developer forum announcements page from the Release Notes. The Developer forum announcements highlight recent API enhancements, changes, and deprecations in the Developer Center.


BYOC Cloud trunk support for TGRP and DNIS

Genesys Cloud provides two new methods for formatting inbound SIP INVITES when configuring SIP routing for a BYOC Cloud trunk. In addition to fully qualified domain name (FQDN), trunk group routing protocol (TGRP) and dialed number identification service (DNIS) are now available. For more information, see Configure SIP routing for a BYOC Cloud trunk. 

PBX passthrough for BYOC Cloud trunks

The new PBX passthrough feature allows a PBX connected to a BYOC Cloud PBX trunk to pass calls intended for the PSTN directly through Genesys Cloud. This feature improves call efficiency. For more information, see Configure PBX passthrough for a BYOC Cloud trunk.

Contact center

New metrics for agent and queue performance views

Contact center managers can now see four new agent and queue performance metrics: Average Dialing, Average Contacting, Total Dialing, and Total Contacting. These metrics, available in the Agent Performance Summary, Agent Performance Detail, Agent Queue Detail, Queue Performance Summary, and Queue Performance Detail views, help managers gain more insight into outbound calls. For more information, see Metric definitions.

Additional handle time metrics in the Analytics API

The tHandle metric in the Genesys Cloud Analytics API now includes both dialing and contacting time for outbound calls. This API metric update affects handle time and average handle time in performance views and reports. For more information, see Metrics in the Developer Center and Metric definitions in the Resource Center.

New outbound call metrics in the Analytics API

Developers can now access two new metrics in the Genesys Cloud Analytics API: tContacting and tDialing. These metrics provide a detailed analysis of outbound call metrics. For more information, see Metrics in the Developer Center.