Contact center

Architect flow outcome functionality in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows

Administrators and contact center managers can now use Architect flow outcome functionality in Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows. Use flow outcomes and associated milestones to report on bot success. Use the analytics API, which now includes bot flow data, to report on flow outcomes. For more information, see Flow outcomes and milestones in About Architect. This feature requires one of the following subscriptions: Genesys Cloud User 1, Genesys Cloud User 2, or Genesys Cloud User 3.

Fair use voice transcription charges

Starting October 20, 2021, the voice transcription overage charges for Genesys Cloud customers who exceed their voice transcription allocation will be enforced. For more information, see Fair use voice transcription charges. This feature requires the following subscription: Genesys Cloud User 3.


Cape Town Africa satellite region deployment

On October 20, 2021, Genesys added the Cape Town Africa (af-south-1) satellite region to its Genesys Cloud deployment. The new satellite region deployment improves WebRTC media communications for organizations located in Africa by hosting TURN servers with IP addresses in the af-south-1 region. For more information, see the Africa section of Use the Force TURN feature. This feature has no restriction by user or required user to access.