Introducing Genesys Cloud SCIM

Developers can now use SCIM (Identity Management) APIs to sync user entities from cloud or on-premises identity management systems to Genesys Cloud. Genesys Cloud uses these APIs with SCIM server implementations for a standards-based approach to user identity management and group affiliation. For more information, see Genesys Cloud SCIM (Identity Management) overview in the Developer Center.

Guest and agent chat APIs

Developers can now use new Genesys Cloud chat platform APIs and SDKs to create a custom chat experience and add chat to other applications. For more information, see Guest Chat APIs and Agent Chat APIs in the Developer Center. 

Contact center

Google Cloud third-party TTS engine integration

The Google Cloud TTS engine is now available from Genesys AppFoundry. This integration, along with Amazon Polly and Acapela Voice, expands language options and enables customers to select the most appropriate TTS voice for their organization. In addition, Architect can now integrate with the Google Cloud TTS solution for text-to-speech playback on a per-flow basis. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later. For more information, see About text-to-speech (TTS) engines

Export data from IVR flow views 

Contact center managers can now export data to a .csv file from the Flow Performance views and Flows Outcomes views. Managers can share the exported file with others in the contact center and use it to further analyze contact center performance. For more information, see Export view data.

Web chat deployment and documentation changes 

Web chat configuration is now located in the Genesys Cloud Admin menu under Contact Center > Widgets. To support this change, the new About widgets for web chat article is now the central location for web chat information in the Resource Center. This article replaces the About web chat article, and highlights the different widget types available to use for features such as authenticated chat, screen sharing, and co-browse. For more information, see About widgets for web chat and Widget feature comparison


Internet Explorer 11 support for Genesys Cloud web app deprecation

On September 4, 2019, Genesys will no longer support using Internet Explorer 11 (IE 11) as a web browser for the Genesys Cloud web app. For more information, see Deprecation: Internet Explorer 11 support for Genesys Cloud web app.