Access control for all regions

The new access control feature is now available in all regions. This feature introduces divisions, used to categorize objects such as users, queues, flows, management units, campaigns, contact lists, and do not call lists in an organization. Divisions allow administrators to apply more granular permissions to a set of objects, giving them greater control over which users have access to view, edit, create, and delete specific objects. Access control also allows the application of granular permission to users who have visibility to transactional objects such as interactions, recordings, presence history, and audit data. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later. For more information, see Key concepts of access control and About access control.

Assign roles to a group

Administrators can now assign roles to groups. This feature grants all permissions associated with the assigned roles to all members of the group and enables administrators to quickly provide permission adjustments for a set of users. For more information, see Assign roles to a group.