Secure relationships with authorized organizations

Administrators can now establish secure relationships with other Genesys Cloud organizations. This allows authorized users in one organization to log in to another organization to provide technical support. For more information, see About authorized organizations.

Contact center

Customer typing indicator in chat interactions

Agents can now see when a customer is typing a reply during a chat interaction. Both agents and customers can now see when the other party is typing, which helps to speed interaction resolution. For more information, see Work with chat interactions.

Evaluation form question branching

Quality administrators can now create branching evaluation forms that display different questions depending on the evaluator’s answers. For more information, see About evaluation form question branching.

Disable unattended reports

Genesys Cloud now disables scheduled reports not downloaded for an extended period of time. Users can re-enable reports in the report editor. For more information, see Troubleshoot reports.


Voci V-Spark transcription and speech analytics integration

Quality administrators can now transcribe policy-based recordings with the Voci V-Spark transcription and speech analytics integration. For more information, contact your Genesys Cloud sales representative and see Set up a Voci V-Spark transcription and speech analytics integration