Genesys Cloud - June 3, 2020

Contact center

Customize external contacts and organizations

Administrators and agents can now capture and leverage custom data to personalize their customers’ experience. For example, your company may offer a rewards program that requires a membership ID and other associated data. Or your company wants to designate VIP customers and route them to specific agents. The new custom fields for external contacts and organizations feature enables you to meet these kinds of customer needs and more. For more information, see Customize external contacts and organizations

Status timer for agents

Agents’ statuses now show the time elapsed in the current status. This feature helps agents to easily keep track of the time spent on their breaks and lunches. For more information, see Status timer for agents

Upload and preview images with content offers in Predictive Engagement

Predictive Engagement administrators can now upload and preview images when building content offers. This enhancement gives administrators more flexibility managing content offers. For more information, see Build content offers.

Get Journey Outcome action and Get Journey Segment by ID action in Architect

Introducing two new Architect flow actions for Predictive Engagement. Administrators and contact center managers can use these new actions in workflows to enrich customer profiles with segment and outcome information in third-party systems. For more information, see Get Journey Outcome action and Get Journey Segment by ID action.