APIs for schedule management and IVR configuration

New API resources for schedule management and IVR configuration are now available. For more information, see Architect in the Developer Center. 

New invoice system 

Genesys Cloud is moving to a new invoice system. Your next invoice will look slightly different. However, your line items and rate plan will not change. For more information, see Billing FAQs.


Hunt groups

Administrators can now route calls to a group of agents using a broadcast, sequential, or rotary approach. Administrators can configure a secondary group to answer calls when no one from the primary group is able to respond. For more information, see Configure a group phone number. This feature requires Edge and Media Tier version or later.

Contact center

Historical schedule adherence

Administrators and contact center managers can now view historical adherence information about agents, including adherence percentages and exception information. This information can be leveraged when analyzing service and agent performance, and taken into account when creating schedules. For more information, see Historical adherence overview.

Keep campaign running option

Outbound administrators can now choose to keep a campaign running after it finishes dialing all the contacts in the contact list. This option is useful if the contact list is dynamically updated from another source. For more information, see the Create a new campaign procedure for the selected dialing mode.