Contact center

New web chat widget

Supervisors and developers can now use a new streamlined, extensible web chat widget optimized for both desktop and mobile browsers to allow customers to chat directly with agents from their web browsers. Additional functionality includes customization of colors and themes. To use the new widget, choose Version 2 when creating a widget deployment. For more information, see Widget feature comparison and Create a widget for web chat.

Agent evaluation notifications in the inbox

Agents now receive a notification in their inbox when an evaluator completes and releases an evaluation related to one of their interactions. The notification allows agents to quickly see and review released evaluations. For more information, see View evaluations from the inbox.


Social channel management deprecation postponement

Genesys announced the social channel management deprecation on April 3, 2019, with a July 10, 2019 removal date. The feature removal is now postponed to a later date. For more information, see Deprecation: Social channel management.