Authenticate with single sign-on only

Administrators can now disable the default Genesys Cloud login and configure Genesys Cloud so that users must log in using a selected single sign-on (SSO) identity provider. This feature gives administrators more control over user authentication and prevents unauthorized access. For more information, see Configure Genesys Cloud to authenticate with SSO only.

Developer Center usability enhancements

The Developer Center has a new look, improved organization and layout, and simplified navigation. The enhancements provide customers and partners with a more focused and intuitive experience. For more information, see the Developer forum announcements.


Genesys Cloud audio management improvements

Genesys Cloud users can now create audio configuration profiles and adjust volume levels for audio devices. Audio profiles save device configurations so that users don’t have to configure their audio devices each time they use them. The new Device Volumes feature enables users to test and set the volume for separate devices instead of relying on the system volume. For more information, see Create a new audio profile and Set your Genesys Cloud sound level preferences.

Support for basic call controls on commonly used headsets

Genesys Cloud WebRTC now supports the built-in call controls on Plantronics, Jabra, and Sennheiser headsets. This feature helps agents using these headsets to more efficiently handle calls during periods of high call volume. For more information, see Configure a Plantronics headsetConfigure a Jabra headset, and Configure a Sennheiser headset.

Genesys Cloud Edge bandwidth calculator enhancements

The Genesys Cloud Edge bandwidth calculator has a new user interface and improved calculations to better estimate the network bandwidth necessary to support Genesys Cloud services. Other enhancements include online help and the ability to print results. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Edge bandwidth calculator.

Contact center

Queues activity views improvements

The Queues Activity Summary view and the My Queues Activity view now have more metrics, aggregate data displays, column customization features, media type filters, and save filter abilities. For more information, see Queues Activity Summary view and My Queues Activity view.