HIPAA compliance 

With a few exceptions, Genesys Cloud is now HIPAA compliant. As part of HIPAA compliance, Genesys Cloud encrypts electronic protected health information in transit and at rest. Genesys Cloud executes HIPAA business associate agreements with customers that have specific HIPAA requirements.  

Genesys Cloud’s HIPAA compliant chat does not save chat history, so chat history is lost when a client logs off. HIPAA compliant full chat history is in development. HIPAA compliance for Documents, Genesys Cloud’s content management service, and faxing, is also in development. 

For more information, see HIPAA compliance.


Recording of external transfers

Telephony administrators can use a new trunk option to enable recording of externally transferred calls. For more information, see Enable line recording and continue on external transfer in Create an external trunk.

Contact center

Campaign rules 

Administrators can now use campaign-level rules to recycle campaigns, to start or stop campaigns and sequences, or to change campaign priority when a rule condition matches a runtime campaign metric. For more information, see Campaign rules view.