April 22, 2020

Contact center

Protect recordings from deletion for legal hold directive

Quality administrators can now comply with legal notice to retain recordings by marking recordings as protected. Administrators can enable protection for policy-based recordings for all media types, including their screen recordings. Applying protection to a recording protects all recordings that are part of the conversation indefinitely, or until the protection is removed. The protection prevents manual deletion and overrides existing policy deletion dates for as long as the protection remains in place. For more information, see Protect recordings from deletion for a legal hold directive


AppFoundry enhancement for resellers

Genesys resellers can now offer purchases and free trials of available premium applications to their customers. To enable this feature, contact your channel manager.


WFM forecasting After Call Work and Average Talk Time deprecation postponement

Genesys announced the WFM forecasting After Call Work and Average Talk Time deprecation on February 19, 2020, with a March 25, 2020 change date. Genesys postponed the change date to April 22, 2020. It is now postponed to a later date (TBD). For more information, see Deprecation: WFM Short-Term Forecast Average Talk Time and After Call Work Metrics.