Help panel

The Help icon, which now appears in the lower left corner of Genesys Cloud, allows users to display the new Help panel. The Help panel allows users to access the Resource Center content without opening an additional browser tab or leaving the application. The Help panel includes all of the functionality of the previous Help icon, plus the Resource Center access. For more information see Access the Resource Center. 

Contact center

Queue activation permission

Genesys Cloud includes a new permission, routing:queue:join. Users with this permission can activate, add, and remove individuals from queues. For more information, see Product, roles, and permissions list.

Custom interaction details for web chats

Web chat requests can now include custom interaction details to provide the agent with additional information. The agent can view the additional information in the Interaction Details panel. 

Custom interaction details require the use of up to three custom fields. The custom fields use the naming convention ‘customField1’ and ‘customField1Label’. For more information, see Web Chat in the Developer Center.

Agent alias for web chats

Agents can now have an alias and avatar to use during web chat sessions. When an agents join a web chat, the alias and picture configured in the system appear to the customer instead of the real name and profile picture. For more information, see Add an agent name and image for web chats.