Genesys Cloud - July 13, 2016


Outbound user faxing

You can now easily send faxes from your desktop or browser. For more information, see Send a fax.

Contact center

Auto answer feature and persistent connection option

An administrator can enable the auto answer feature for individual agents so that incoming ACD-routed calls automatically connect to agents instead of agents having to accept the calls. Genesys Cloud plays a tone for the agent when an incoming call is delivered. For more information, see Turn on auto answer for agents.

A new option in the station base line appearance configuration allows an administrator to enable persistent connections between the station and the Edge server. When enabled, incoming calls alert through the UI only, or are auto answered if auto answer is configured for the user.

With both auto answer and persistent connection enabled, the persistent connection makes auto answer quicker because the phone remains connected. For more information, see Configure managed phones.