Feature coming soon: Work automation for EMEA (UAE) and EMEA (Zurich) Genesys Cloud regions


The following permissions:

  • To accept a workitem: Workitems > Workitem > Accept
  • To disconnect from a workitem: Workitems > Workitem > Disconnect
  • To end a workitem: Workitems > Workitem > Terminate
  • To cancel a workitem routing: Workitems > Workitem > Cancel Routing
  • To assign a workitem to someone else: Workitems> Workitem > Assign
  • To assign a workitem to yourself: Workitems> Workitem > Pull
  • To access List View: Workitems > queryJob > All, Add, or View
  • To access List View: Workitems > queryJobResults > All or View

A workitem is a task or unit of work that appears in your Interactions panel. Each workitem has a particular type, and that worktype determines the structure and behavior of the workitem. Workitems are part of work automation. For more information, see Work automation overview.

You receive workitems either by ACD routing or directly from another user. Workitem notifications look much like interactions that appear in the Active Interactions roster. 

A workitem alert card

The workitem notification card displays the following information:

  • The name of the customer if a matching external contact exists
  • The assigned queue
  • The workitem name

  • You cannot edit the workitem information until you accept the workitem.
  • After you accept a workitem, the main panel displays the due date.
  • If the workitem has no external contact related to it, the card displays “No Name.”

  1. Log in as an agent and go on queueThe Interactions panel opens.
    Alternatively, to access the interactions panel, click Interactions The Interactions icon
  2. To accept a workitem, click Accept; to refuse a workitem, click Decline.
    Note: If you decline a work item or the answer time expires, Genesys Cloud takes you off-queue and puts you into Not Responding status. While Not Responding, you do not receive new workitems or interactions. To receive interactions again, go on queue.
    When you accept a workitem, these workitem details appear:
    • Workitem name
    • Current state 
    • Workbin
    • Worktype 
    • Due Date 
    • Priority
    • Custom attributes, if configuredThe details section of a workitem

At the bottom, the workitem shows the Find custom attributes search bar and a list of the custom attributes attached to the workitem.The custom attributes section of a workitem

To disconnect a workitem, click Disconnect The disconnect workitem button.

Note: If you disconnect the workitem, it leaves your roster, but does not mean that the workitem is complete. If needed, the workitem can remain in the list view for further processing.

To park a workitem, click Park .

Note: You can also hold a work item. To hold a work item, click another workitem or interaction in your conversations roster. If you click another workitem or interaction from your roster, a workitem automatically goes on hold. To take the workitem off hold, click it from your conversations roster.

To unpark a workitem, follow these steps,

  1. On the left side panel, click List View .
  2. To the right of the workitem that you want to unpark, click More .
  3. Click Return to Roster. The workitem returns to your Conversations roster.
    Note: Parked workitems do not count toward your handle metrics.

To transfer a workitem to someone else, follow these steps:

  1. At the top of the workitem, click Transfer .
  2. Search for a user or queue and select them from the list.

To search custom attributes, perform one of the following steps:

  • In review mode, in the Find customer attributes box, type a search string. Custom attributes that match the string that you enter appear after the search bar.
  • In edit mode, in the Find customer attributes box, type a search string. Custom attributes that match the string that you enter appear below, and you can edit them.The custom attributes search bar in edit mode with results that match the entered string and with the ability to  edit the attributes

To edit custom attributes, follow these steps:

  1. Next to the search bar, click Edit .
  2. Use this mode to make the following changes:
    • Edit each field.
    • To remove a tag, click Remove .
    • To add a tag, click Add Tag .
  3. To save the changes, click Save.

To change the status of a workitem, follow these steps:

  1. Click Status .
  2. From the available statuses, click the preferred status.
    • You can only select a status that your admin maps.
    • If your admin sets an automatic status transition, then to show that the status updates at a specific time, a clock icon appears next to the status. This automatic status transition can result in a status change while you are working the workitem.

To choose wrap-up codes for your workitem, follow these steps:

  1. To access the wrap-up code panel, click Wrap-up codes .
  2. To search for wrap-up codes, click in the Find wrap-up code box and select up to five.The workitems wrap-up codes list with three codes selected
    Note: You can select up to five codes. If other people handle the workitem, then the workitem can have up to 25 codes.
  3. To save your selection, click Save.
  4. The codes you select appear at the top as cards. To clear a code, click Remove .