Use this action to collect a voicemail snippet, or message, from the caller, or to process an incoming fax. If the system collects a voicemail snippet, the snippet is stored in the Voicemail.VoicemailSnippet built-in variable. Use this variable to play back the snippet, to submit and send the snippet to the target entity’s inbox, or to cancel it. If the system detects a fax, it processes the fax and the action becomes a terminating action for the flow.

When the system collects a voicemail, the path follows the Voicemail output and the voicemail snippet saves to the Voicemail.VoicemailSnippet variable. The no input timeout and the final silence timeout, which terminate the collection if a DTMF key is not pressed, are both 5 seconds and a beep is initially played. None of these elements are configurable.

To use this action, from the Architect toolbox, expand the Audio category and drag the action into your flow editor.

Element Description
Name Change the name of the action, or leave the default Clear Voicemail Snippet name.
Maximum Voice Snippet Time

The maximum time allowed for the voice snippet. If the set value resolves to a NOT_SET Duration at flow runtime, the default set by the administrator is used.

  • Default: 30 seconds
  • Minimum value: 1 second
  • Maximum value: 1 minute
Voice Snippet The voice snippet if the action is successful. If it is unsuccessful, the bound output variable value is left untouched.

Configure output paths

Name Description
Fax Processed

This “fake” output is used to represent when the action recognizes a fax tone and then processes the fax. When this behavior occurs, the action is a terminating action for the flow.


The action successfully collected, but not processed, a voicemail message. The message is stored internally in the Voicemail.VoicemailSnippet built-in variable.

No Input

The action timed out while waiting for the caller to speak.


Either voicemail is not enabled for the target entity, or an internal error occurred.