View the Edge and trunk metrics


  • Telephony Admin role

PureCloud allows telephony administrators to create a custom dashboard of live metrics to monitor the performance of their PureCloud telephony network. Telephony administrators select from available metrics, such as CPU Usage, select the appropriate Edges or trunks, and customize the appearance of the graphs. The dashboard allows the user to show multiple graphs and customize the dashboard view.

Metric Description
Bandwidth Usage The bandwidth usage on each Edge expressed as a percentage of available bandwidth
CPU Usage The CPU usage on each Edge
Call Counts by Edge Current number of calls passing through an Edge
Call Counts by Trunk Current number of calls passing through a trunk
Memory Usage The memory usage on each Edge
QoS Mismatches by Edge Total number of QoS mismatches on the Edge. The statistic is measured during a 24-hour sliding window.
QoS Mismatches by Trunk Total number of QoS mismatches on a Trunk. The statistic is measured during a 24-hour sliding window.
Storage Usage The storage capacity of each Edge

Add a metric

  1. Click Admin.
  2. Under Telephony, click Metrics.
  3. On the upper-right area of the screen, click the +Add Metric.
  4. Under New Graph, click in the Select Metric field, and choose your metric.
  5. If you choose an Edge-based metric:
    1. Under For, choose and click All Edges in Sites or Edges.
    2. If you click All Edges in Sites, click in the Select Sites field and click your site or sites.
    3. If you click Edges, click in the Select Edges field and click your Edge or Edges.
    4. Click your choices from the additional options that appear.
  6. If you choose a trunk-based metric:
    1. Under For, choose and click External Trunks or Phone Trunks.
    2. If you click External Trunksclick in the Select External Trunks field and click your trunk or trunks.
    3. If you click Phone Trunksclick in the Select Phone Trunks field and click your trunk or trunks.
    4. Under How to graph, click your choice of graphing method.
    5. Under What to graph, click the type of calls to measure.
  7. Click Save.

Modify the metric graph

After completing the Add a metric procedure above, the metric graph appears. Change the graph with the following actions: 

  • Edit the metric graph

To change the type of metrics or the trunks or Edges selected, click the Edit icon.

  • Change the time period of a metric graph

To change the time period for the metric, click the Zoom symbol.

  • Expand the metric graph

To increase the size of the metric graph, click the Expand symbol.

  • Change the dashboard view of graphs

Click the window icon on the upper-right area of the page. Click a view option.

  • Delete the metric graph

To delete the metric, click the Edit icon. Click the trashcan icon that appears.