View interaction history for an organization

  • Analytics > Conversation Detail > View permission (included in the PureCloud User role)

When an agent verifies a contact during an interaction, PureCloud updates the interaction history for the organization with that record. The interaction history for an organization shows all the interactions for a customer, including email, chat, and call interactions.

To view a detailed summary of all of the ACD interactions your agents have had with an organization, do the following:

  1. Click Directory > External Contacts.
  2. Click the Organizations tab.
  3. If necessary, search for the organization.
  4. Click the organization’s name.
    Alternatively, in the Interactions panel, you can click the arrow beside an organization’s name.
  5. View the Interactions section.
    view of the past interactions
  6. To view older interactions in the Interactions list, use the date range selector arrows. 
  7. To see the full note for an interaction, click its title.
  8. To go to the full interaction detail view, select an interaction’s row.