View recalls scheduled by attempt controls

A callback is scheduled when a recall attempt control is reached. From several vantage points in the system, you can view callbacks that were scheduled by attempt controls.


  • Recalls are only available in automatic dialing modes. 
  • There is currently no way to distinguish callbacks that were scheduled by agents from callbacks that were scheduled by recall attempts.

  • Scheduled callbacks will keep a campaign from completing, but not from turning off.

From the Campaign Diagnostics

The current number of Scheduled Interactions is shown on the campaign diagnostics for a running campaign.

From the Campaigns Dashboard

Clicking the Scheduled Interactions link opens the Campaigns Dashboard to its Scheduled Interactions tab. That view lists all scheduled interactions for the campaign.

Note: To terminate a scheduled interaction, Under Actions, click x.

From the Scheduled Callbacks view

A callback scheduled by a rule of a running power campaign is shown on the Scheduled Callbacks view.