Feature deprecation: For more information, see Deprecation: Auditing features in Documents.

You can see the audit trail for any document in your My Workspace and in any group workspace you are a member of.

  • Content Management User permission assigned to any role

  1. Click Documents.
  2. Search for a file or open a workspace.
  3. Hover over the file.
  4. Under Actions, click More
  5. Click Properties.ActionsProperties
  6. Click the Audit tab.
  7. To change how audit trail entries appear, use the following buttons:
    Button Description
    ContentAscendingDescending Sorts audit trail entries in ascending or descending order.
    SortBy1 Sorts audit trail entries by date, action, and user.
  8. To see audit details, click the arrow next to an audit event.
  9. If you are an admin, click Show System Level Audits to view system-level audits.

For more information, see Audit trail overview.