Utterances overview

Utterances are sample phrases that a user would use to describe what they want to do. For example, “I want to book a room for tomorrow,” or “I want to reserve a room for tomorrow.” Both of these utterances convey the same intent: to book a room for tomorrow. 

An utterance can include one or more slots, or no slots. Consider this utterance, “Book a suite for three nights starting tomorrow.” The bot identifies slots mentioned in the utterance: two rooms, three nights, and tomorrow and maps them accordingly to the corresponding slot types. While number of rooms required, number of nights, and date can map to built-in slot types, the type of room requested (executive) can map to a custom slot type.

While this article pertains to Genesys Dialog Engine Bot flows and Genesys Digital Bot Flows, this video demonstrates how utterances work using Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows:

When creating sample utterances, try to create variations and a wide range of semantics for each intent. Best practice recommends that you create multiple variations of the same phrase.