Use the custom SMTP server integration to send outbound emails

After you install and activate the custom SMTP server integration, select to use your SMTP server for outbound emails in the PureCloud email configuration.

Note: You must use a custom domain. The PureCloud domain is not available for the custom SMTP server integration.
  1. In PureCloud, click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Email.
  3. Click the appropriate custom domain.
  4. Click the Domain settings tab. 
  5. Under Outbound Email Sending, click Use my organizations’s SMTP for sending outbound emails.
  6. Select the appropriate SMTP server integration from the drop down list.
  7. Click Save.

After completing this configuration, when agents send emails, PureCloud uses the SMTP server to deliver those emails. Agents will not notice any changes.

  • This configuration applies only to outbound emails. It does not affect existing inbound email rules and configuration.
  • If the SMTP server is down or unreachable, agents can continue to send emails, but the SMTP server cannot deliver the emails until the server is back up and running. If the issue is not resolved within two days, PureCloud alerts the customer. In addition, PureCloud queues the unsent emails, and attempts to resend them after four days. If the SMTP server is still unreachable after that attempt, the emails are deleted.