After you install and activate the custom SMTP server integration, configure Genesys Cloud to use the SMTP server for outbound emails:

  • You must use a custom domain. The Genesys Cloud domain is not available for the custom SMTP server integration.
  • You cannot provision the same email domain or subdomain across multiple orgs in Genesys Cloud.  If you have multiple orgs that require the same domain, we recommend you use region-specific or function-specific subdomains. For example,,,,
  • This configuration applies only to outbound emails. It does not affect existing inbound email rules and configuration.
  • Genesys Cloud uses certain IP addresses for outbound SMTP traffic to customer endpoints. Add these IP addresses to your allowlist to prevent unauthorized access to your API resources. To retrieve a list of these IP addresses, call GET /api/v2/ipranges.

  1. In Genesys Cloud, click Admin.
  2. Under Contact Center, click Email.
  3. Click the appropriate custom domain.
  4. Click the Domain settings tab. 
  5. Under Outbound Email Sending, click Use my organization’s SMTP for sending outbound emails.
  6. Select the appropriate SMTP server integration from the list.
  7. Click Test SMTP connection.
    Note: If you receive an error, update your configuration before saving this setting.
  8. Click Save.

This change does not affect agents. If issues with the SMTP integration occur when an agent attempts to send an email, one of the following messages appear:

  • The SMTP host is not valid.
  • The connection has timed out.
  • Unable to authenticate with the specified integration.
  • Genesys Cloud cannot connect to the integration.