You can use the external LCD to restart an Edge Standard v3 / v2, Edge Micro, or Edge Mini. However, before you do, disconnect any other USB devices plugged into the USB ports on the front of the Edge appliance. And, if possible, make sure that the Edge is not servicing any active calls before the restart. Active calls immediately disconnect during a restart.


Note: A Genesys Cloud hardware Edge takes between five and fifteen minutes to reboot.

  1. Press the right arrow to display Status.

  2. Press the down arrow to display Settings

  3. Press the green check mark to display System.

  4. Press the green check mark to display LCD Contrast

  5. Press the down arrow twice to display Reboot Server

  6. Press the green check mark to display Apply Changes?

  7. Press the green check mark to confirm that you want to restart the Edge appliance. The LCD panel displays Reboot in 30 secs Please Wait… 

During the restart, the LCD panel displays Genesys Cloud Loading…

Note: When you finish using the external LCD, Genesys recommends that you disconnect the device from the Edge. Leaving the external LCD connected to the Edge for extended periods of time can cause unnecessary CPU usage.