You can use the external LCD to rollback an Edge (Edge Standard v2/v3, Edge Micro, or Edge Mini) to an existing software version after an upgrade.

If after an Edge software version upgrade, an Edge can not re-establish a connection to Genesys Cloud, the Edge will automatically rollback to the previous software version. However, there is a 30 minute threshold that must elapse before this automatic procedure kicks in. If you realize the problem before that 30 minutes elapses, you can manually initiate a rollback to the previous version using the LCD.

Keep the following points in mind to ensure a successful outcome:

  • Allow time for the rollback process. It can take take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes to complete. The LCD panel goes blank during the process.
  • Do not attempt to interact with the Edge appliance during the rollback process. The appliance restarts multiple times during the process, which is normal. You can safely interact with the appliance when the LCD panel displays Genesys Cloud Edge.

Warning: Do not remove power or restart the Genesys Cloud Edge during the rollback. Interrupting the rollback process may cause the Edge to become inoperative. At that point, you must replace the Edge appliance through Genesys. For more information, see Genesys Cloud Edge hardware support

  1. Press the right arrow to display Status.
  2. Press the down arrow four times to display Factory Service.
  3. Press the green check mark to display Server Details.
  4. Press the down arrow to display Rollback To Existing Version.
  5. Press the green check mark to display a list of edgebin packages.
  6. Use the down arrow to select the edgebin package for the previous version.
  7. Press the green check mark to display Apply Changes?
  8. Accept any additional confirmations that appear.
  9. Press the green check mark to display Genesys Cloud Loading.

Note: When you finish using the external LCD, Genesys recommends that you disconnect the device from the Edge. Leaving the external LCD connected to the Edge for extended periods of time can cause unnecessary CPU usage.