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Use the Flow Insights toggle in Architect to view the frequency of previously executed actions as a flow insights overlay in a Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flow or a Genesys Digital Bot Flow.

  • You can only enable the Flow Insights toggle in read-only mode.
  • The feature relies on historical flow execution data. For more information about historical flow execution data, see Historical flow execution data overview.
  • Historical flow execution data becomes available for Flow Insights only after a flow ends. You will not see insights for interactions that are in progress.

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Flow Insights heat map example

The flow insights overlay gives you a quick overview of flow action frequency and helps you decide on which actions to focus to improve or optimize your bot flow.

You can enable the frequency overlay in the Starting Bot and Reusable Tasks views. Architect uses the historical flow execution data available for the version of the bot flow that you are viewing and shows the frequency overlay based on up to seven days of data if available. Architect queries the flow execution data for old versions for the seven days before the date that they were unpublished and not from the current time.

The frequency overlay updates in real time, but you must refresh the Architect home page to see the updates. Architect calculates frequency based on the total number of unique bot interactions, which is the number of times users interacted with your bot. Each bot interaction counts as a session. Architect calculates frequency in the following ways:

  • In the Starting Bot view, frequency means the number of unique bot flow sessions in which the action was executed. 
  • In Reusable Tasks views, frequency means an aggregate of the number of unique bot flow sessions where an action in a Reusable Task was executed for all possible entry points.
Note: Architect counts an action only once per execution, regardless of the number of times the user executed the action in a loop.

There are four frequency levels: zero, low (0–24%), medium (25–49%), high (50–74%) and very high (75–100%). A flow action’s frequency level also depends on the bot’s complexity, the action’s depth in the bot flow, and bot traffic levels. Architect calculates the frequency level of an action based on the total number of times the action was executed, divided by the total session count for the bot flow.

Consider the following two examples to understand how Architect calculates frequency levels:

  1. The total session, or bot interaction, count for your bot flow is 17.
    Note: Use the Optimization dashboard in Architect to view the total bot interaction count of your bot flow. For more information, see View bot and digital bot metrics in the Optimization dashboard. Keep in mind that unlike Flow Insights data, the data about total bot interaction count in the Optimization Dashboard is not version-specific. Therefore, the data in the Optimization Dashboard might not match for bots that have multiple versions.
    Session count
  2. Each session went through a Digital Menu action in a Reusable Task. The frequency level of this action is very high as Architect executed the action 17 times in 17 sessions.Very high frequency
  3. Only eight sessions went through a Jump to Reusable Task action in the same Reusable Task. As the frequency percentage is between 25% and 50%, the frequency level is only medium.Medium action frequency

  1. You have an Ask for Yes/No action and two Communicate actions in the main or Starting Bot sequence of a flow.
  2. You also have the same actions in a Reusable Task.
  3. The Starting Bot sequence has 10 sessions and six of them execute the first Communicate action. Architect calculates a high (60%) frequency score for the first Communicate action.
  4. The Reusable Task sequence has five sessions and three of them execute the first Communicate action. Architect calculates a high frequency score (60%) for this action too because the same percentage of sessions that went through the Reusable Task executed this Communicate action.

To display the frequency of a bot flow action and the number of sessions that the bot flow action was executed in, hover over the respective action.

Click the image to enlarge. Architect heat map bot flow action frequency

To see whether Flow Insights is enabled, or how many days of data the frequency overlay is based on, hover over the help icon next to the Flow Insights toggle. You can also see whether there is an error or not enough data.